Become a Master Franchise

Take This Unique Opportunity

Join an elite global network of Shane English School Master Franchises.

Shane English School presents this incredible opportunity to a select few partners worldwide. 

Join a global community of select partners opening up a whole new world of opportunities for you and a whole generation of English learners. 


Why Join Shane?

There are many reasons to open a school. Here are a few of the things that motivate Shane English Schools’s continued mission of teaching English to  thousands of students around the world.

Get Full Corporate Support

Master franchises enjoy direct communication with the Saxoncourt Group and its corporate team for marketing, operations, and academic support. 

And as each Master Franchise has unique needs as both a school owner and a franchiser, we will provide you with a bespoke service to achieve your goals.

Join a Network of Shared Success

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn what works – and what doesn’t – from the huge global network of schools and Master Franchises worldwide. 

Or share resources with an ever-growing global network of schools and students. Whether doing an international exchange program or creating new school materials, everyone succeeds when we work together.

Opportunities for You and Your Community

If you want to make a difference in your local community, then you can open your own school. Or you can empower your entire region with a top-quality English education by becoming a Master Franchise. 

Build a legacy that will continue to contribute to your community for generations. Give the gift of education to both students and ambitious business owners with Shane English School.

The Power of a Brand

Shane English School is an internationally recognised brand with over 40 years of history. Even after decades of operation, Shane English School remains one of the world’s premier language learning institutions. Hundreds of thousands of students spanning 3 generations have studied with Shane English School to improve their academic and professional prospects. And you could be next to enjoy the Shane Advantage.

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